Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have been receiving numerous email with questions regarding how to order your baskets. So here is the skinny. You won't be able to order your baskets until April 12th so don't get frustrated if you can't order yet. This is just a demonstration on how to order.

First you will need to go our coop site at if should look something like this...

    You will want to look under Co-0p Offerings. ( This will only be available on our contribution days. Which will be Mondays fom 10 am until Tuesdays.) There will be nothing under the coop offerings tab until our contribution time. If you don't see your site listed, one of two things has happened. They havn't turn on the ordering part yet or all the baskets have sold out.

You should get a page that looks similar to this.

Basket Type: Right now we are only offering Conventional Baskets. In the future we hope to be able to offer organic. So please choose the "Conventional".

Date: This date will be the date your Bountiful Baskets arrive.

Site: Make sure that you choose the right site. If you are ordering in Basin WY. Make sure that it says Basin etc.

Is this your first time getting a basket You will want to say "yes". You will get charged $3.00 the first time you contribute to Bountiful Basket. This $3.00 covers the two baskets used to hold your produce. You will not be taking your baskets with you. They will stay with the site coordinater for future uses.

This is an example of what was offered on March 20, 2010. It changes each week. As you can see you can order more than just a basket. You don't need to order more but to get the add-ons you need to order a basket. Remember add-ons are optional.

When ordering you will be able to see how many baskets are left at that particular site.

Check out: Make sure everything looks right before checking out. At this time the only way to order is by credit card online. We are having success by having a friends/neighbors make the contribution for you if you don’t have Internet or a debit or credit card.

Print off your contribution conformation (receipt): Bring it to the site when you pick up your produce.

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