Thursday, May 20, 2010

Transaction Problems???

Well, it looks like BB just hit a bump in the road and we need everyone in the Co-op who participated this week to follow the instructions sent out today by Sally and Tanya.


It came to our attention yesterday that for a portion of the contribution
period this week our credit/debit card processor was set to not settle
transactions or even capture the data that was typed in. Because of this, you
were never charged for your basket. No money was removed from your account.

Because timing is very important for the co-op to function properly we went out
on a limb and ordered all the produce that we will need for Saturday so that
everyone will receive their basket as planned. We realize that families have
come to depend on Bountiful Baskets to make ends meet. Now, we absolutely need
your help now in order to get your money in for the group purchase to pay for
the produce.

We would appreciate it greatly if you would go back to our website, log in, and
check out with the items that are in your basket.

Sally & Tanya"

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